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reflowable eBook

eBook production and management in ePub 2.0, 3.0, Amazon .mobi with proprietary software


fixed-layout eBook

eBook production and management in ePub 3.0, ePub 3.0+2 and Amazon KF8 for Kindle Fire


interactive eBook

Production of interactive ebooks in ePub format: children, educative, games…

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About us

About us

Innovative eBook conversion services with the highest publishing quality in all formats at very competitive prices. Enriched eBooks (EPUB 3) with any requested reader interactivity. More than 10,000 ebooks converted for major publishers....

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This is the most wonderful eBook that I have ever seen. It's really a nice work. Congratulations.

Apple digital publishing -On the "Diario de las Emociones" epub

Iam Liber is certified by Libranda and provides its experience in converting ebooks, ensuring high quality at optimal costs, coupled with their knowledge and experience as a provider in the sector.

Alfredo Iglesias -Libranda

Case studies

Here you can have a look to some real ebooks projects in both reflowable, fixed-layout and interactive format.


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More than 10,000 ebooks converted for major publishers.

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